24 Nov 2015

Selecting the perfect beer for Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the best beers this Thursday from Growler Country.

It’s time to give thanks again during pretty much everyone’s favorite holiday! Your family and friends will be gathering and you want to impress with the best beer selection to keep them full of cheer! The right craft beer can push your experience to the next level! Here’s our suggestion for the big day:

Starters: Light and flavorful IPA’s, Pilsners, or Wheat beers

Main Course: Brown Ales, Robust Porters, Stouts. These beers will compliment the meal perfectly. If you want to cut through the fatty acids and refresh the pallet, try a Sour or Lambic.

Dessert: A nice glass of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale or Fat Heads Holly Jolly will pair perfectly with that Pecan Pie you have been waiting for all year!

Come in and let us help you find the perfect beers for your big day. The full and current tap list can be found here http://www.growlercountry.com/whats-on-tap-2/

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