Keg Sales

We sell Kegs!

Having a party?  Need to restock your home kegerator?  Let us order you a keg!

Kegs come in a variety of sizes and price ranges.

Ready to order?  Use the Contact Us form or call the store and please place your order at least one week before your event.

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Dispensing Options:

Manual Keg Tap:

Just like high school and college keggers, this puppy requires a little pumping to get the party started.download (5)






Double Tap Jockey Box:
You can serve two beers at the perfect temperature with no pumping.  We will provide you with a CO2 tank and directions on how to setup up and make the perfect pour!

download (4)






“The Machine”

The "Machine"

Having a big party, wedding, or corporate event? This bad boy holds up to ten 1/2 Barrel Kegs!  That means you can serve over 1,000 beers and have as many styles as you like!

People will be talking about your legendary party for years!