09 Jul 2015

How did growlers get their name?

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Did you ever wonder where the growler got its name?

Growlers from the past

There are those who believe the term arose from the sound that the pail’s cover made from the escaping carbon dioxide, while others believed the growling came from another source. The latter belief is that either the bartender or the customer would be responsible for the growling, as the bartender was supposed to fill the half-gallon container with only a pint of beer, while the customer wanted to get a pail that had much more than just a pint. Whichever party was left dissatisfied would “growl” about the issue, hence the very apt term.



Can you imagine carrying around pails of craft beer? What a shame it would be to have your craft beer slosh out of your pail and on to the ground! Aren’t we glad that the growlers have evolved into what we have today!

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